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We are a real-world tested communications consultancy designed for innovators and challengers.

local insights & outreach / reputation strategy / brand work / training 

About Dareful:

Founded by Debra Hotaling, Dareful Communications is a PR firm dedicated to building solutions in a rapidly changing communications ecosystem.

we do:

Dareful Communications partners with leaders to drive growth by delivering strategic reputational insights grounded in research and experience, activated through storytelling.

Authentic connections equal more impact

A study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science reveals connecting with people through their shared interests and passions is more powerful than targeting based on demographic categories. Brands that tap into shared passions are twice as effective as those that rely solely on demographic factors like age.

Local is the new national

Do you feel that? It’s the PR landscape moving under your feet. Brands can no longer rely on press releases and traditional media to connect with customers. Twitter now breaks national news and Instagram drives purchasing decisions. The challenge: how can brands reinvent their communications strategy to succeed?

Protect your brand

Are you prepared for the unexpected? This goes beyond having a crisis communications binder gathering dust on a shelf. It means doing the internal work to ensure your team is ready to handle any challenges that may arise. We’ve been there. We can help.

Exploring ideas in the real world

The Dareful Project

A podcast series hosted by Debra Hotaling

What happens when you turn assumptions about humans over 50 upside down, putting passions ahead of chronological age? We decided to find out. Our real-world experiment turned into The Dareful Project, a podcast featuring cultural disruptors over 50 who have boldly redefined their lives, taking on challenges like scaling El Capitan or starting new lives in rural Alaska. But what's truly remarkable is that, in addition to a strong 50+ crowd audience, our podcast has attracted a large following among adults in their 20s and 30s, proving that authentic connection transcends age.


If you want to make a meaningful impact, connect with people through their shared interests and passions. It's a powerful way to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together. Look for Season 2, coming soon.

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